Download Orders

Partner download orders from a single virtual seller account by passing in the proper VSAccountID, StoreType, StoreKey/SellerID parameter, in addition to other filters (sequence based ranges):

Method and Endpoint

Order download uses "GET" REST method, and the URL is the same as inbound "OrderNotification":


Parameters to limit which orders to download from Teapplix are passed in the query string part of the URL.

  • VSAccountID - 4 bytes virtual seller account id
  • StoreType - marketplace
  • StoreKey (optional) - 3 bytes store name
  • SellerID (optional) - marketplace assigned seller id. This is in case of eBay and Amazon
  • SeqStart: for txn_seq >= 12345, txn_seq is a unique number assigned to each order per Teapplix account. Based on the sequence that the order is created or pulled into Teapplix. You can remember the previous maximum number you have received, and use this to incrementally download large number of orders.
  • SeqEnd: 12346 => for txn_seq <= 12346. Use this to control which set of orders to download.
  • NotShipped: (optional, 1 or 0) ==> if set to 1, only obtain orders not shipped

Response Schema

The reply from Teapplix is described by the following Schema: