Teapplix can link one or many TopHatter accounts. To link, we need a single "API Key" that you obtain from TopHatter.

Order Sync
Teapplix will download orders, and mark orders as shipped once shipped from Teapplix.

Due to TopHatter API limitation, if you use upsell on TopHatter, you have to manually check orders on your TopHatter dashboard to see if any order has upsell items. Teapplix can only download the base order and the item. We are not able to capture any upsell items into the order.

Teapplix will not be able to "cancel through" to TopHatter. So if you want to cancel an order, you must cancel both in Teapplix and in TopHatter.

Currently, Teapplix will not be able to sync order "shipped" and "cancelled" status from TopHatter to Teapplix.

Inventory Sync

Teapplix can download listings including variations.
Teapplix can update quantity onto TopHatter.
Teapplix currently cannot perform price update on TopHatter.