API Error Codes

This page describes API error codes that are generated on certain cases. The common API error message looks like this:

    "Success": false,
    "Code": 10,
    "Message": "Schema validation exception",
    "Description": [
        "/ShipDate is required"

The list of possible API error codes values with description:
Note: This list is subject to expand.

Common errors
1 Internal Server Error
2 Common Runtime exception
5 VHOST not exists
6 User do not have required permissions. Contact support, please.
10 Schema validation exception
11 Invalid token
12 Not authenticated
20 Unable to insert data
30 Database error
99 Development in progress...
Order errors
10000 Order validation error
10001 Order does not exist
10002 Order address validation error
10003 NotShipped parameter can not be used together with ShipDateStart or ShipDateEnd
10004 VSAccountID is only available under License Virtual Seller Mode
10005 Both VSAccountID and StoreKey must be set under License Virtual Seller Mode
10006 Order options validation error
10007 DetailLevel parameter is wrong
10008 Order already exists
Label errors
20000 Common purchase label error
20001 Order is already shipped, but passed Address, Method, Dimensions or Weight are not correct. Please correct the data and try again.
20002 Empty reply from batch server
20003 Provider not supported
20004 Json request format is not supported yet
20005 Unsupported request format
20006 Provider is not implemented yet
20007 Bill third party currently is not supported
20008 Shipping method was not assigned
20009 No label data found
25000 Unknown label type
25001 Order Id is not specified
25002 Label was not purchased
25003 PDF batch is not ready
25004 Batch is not found
25005 Documents for order not found.
25006 PDF generation failed.
25007 Invalid reply from label server
25008 File not found
25009 Provider not specified
25010 Empty reply from queue server
Address Validation errors
30000 Validation Provider is currently not supported
30001 Unknown error from AV engine or address can not be validated
Cancel Label errors
40000 One of [TxnId, ClientRequestId or TrackingInfo] should be set
40001 Tracking Number does not exist for provided Carrier
40002 Provided Tracking Number is ambiguous. Please use TxnId to cancel the label.
40003 Both Tracking Number and Carrier must be set to cancel the label
40004 Label is not purchased or was already cancelled
Product errors
50000 Parent Product does not exist
50001 Parent Product is not Combo Product
50002 Product does not exist
50003 Product is not a Combo Product type
50004 At least one parameter should be passed
50005 No products were imported
50006 No data passed
50007 Parent Product is not Root product
50008 No Product Variations passed
50009 Product is not a Product Variation Root
Listing errors
60000 Warehouse isn't allowed for this account!
60001 Listing Type only available if StoreType is 'amazon'
60002 At least two parameters should be passed
60003 SellerID is required
60004 StoreKey must have 2 chars and contain country code for StoreType='amazon'
60005 StoreKey must contain correct country code for StoreType='amazon'
60006 No Amazon config available for provided data
60007 StoreKey is required and must contain 3 chars
60008 WebhookEndpointName is required for SyncMode='deferred'
60009 Notification endpoint does not exist
60010 Passed StoreType is not allowed for SyncMode='immediate'. Please use SyncMode='deferred' instead.
60011 Wrong SyncMode. Accepted values 'immediate', 'deferred'.
60012 VSAccountID and StoreType are required
60013 Download Listing Exception
Shipment errors
70000 Empty confirmation list
70001 At least one parameter should be passed
70002 To get single order shipment info TxnId should be set, but no ShipCarrier and/or TrackingNumber should be set. To try finding order shipping info by Carrier and Tracking Number information, (ShipCarrier and TrackingNumber) should be set, but no TxnId should be set.
70003 To try finding order shipping info by Carrier and Tracking Number information, (ShipCarrier and TrackingNumber) should be both set.
70004 If StoreKey is specified then StoreType must be specified too
75000 Could not obtain a zone(s) for requested routes
76000 Rate exception
76001 Unable to calculate rates for this shipment
77000 Carrier not specified
77001 Wrong carrier value
77002 Tracking number not specified
78000 Wrong service provider
78001 USPS Scan Form Error
Virtual Seller errors
80000 VSAccountID must be provided and must contain 4 alphanumeric characters
80001 Account name already exists
80002 Invalid partner ID
80003 Token and SellerAccountIdentifier are empty
80004 Account name do not exist