Order Sync

You use VSSyncChannelOrder API to trigger Teapplix to perform order synchronization with a particular channel. During the sync, new orders are downloaded from channel to Teapplix, and shipped orders are uploaded back to Channel. For channels that supports status updates, cancelled orders and orders shipped outside of Teapplix are updated in Teapplix.


In addition to select the store (StoreType, StoreKey, SellerID, and VSAccountID under virtual seller mode), you can specify "Action":

  • download - download order
  • upload - upload any shipped order's shipping status and tracking number
  • both - this is the default

Due to the fact that order synchronization process may take long time, there are 2 SyncMode options:

  • immediate - order sync happens and the API will not return until synchronization will complete. Notice that this mode is only recommended for small accounts with small amount of orders to sync, otherwise this API may timeout before returning.
  • deferred - this call returns immediately. Teapplix will trigger a background task to perform the order synchronization.

Request/Response details: