UPS Online API (PDF)

You can now print UPS labels via PDF directly from Teapplix ActionShip  on your PC or Mac.

Configuring Your ActionShip Account For UPS

  1. In ActionShip, navigate to Integrations => Carriers
  2. Click the "+" sign to add a new carrier
  3. Select UPS from the available options
  4. Click Close to close the Carriers page
  5.  Select the UPS tab
  6.  Click the "Setup Master UPS Account" button
  7.   This will start the "Add UPS Account" wizard. This wizard will assist you with the necessary licensing and regulation requirements to activate and use the UPS Developer Kit Tools from this application  Note: If you have a account, enter this account information.  If you don't have an account then register on first.
  8.  Continue to follow the wizard instructions until Finished
  9.  Once you successfully setup your UPS account in ActionShip, you are ready to print UPS labels.  You can select orders under "Orders" and assign UPS shipping method + weight.
  10. With the orders selected, Click the "Ship" button.
  11. After printing, the orders will automatically clear out of Open Orders and move to Order History.  You can find the order, reprint, or cancel shipping labels. If a label is cancelled, the order will go back to open orders.
  12. Refer to "Print Using Online PDF" for more details