Paired Accounts

Paired Accounts are created to special partners of Teapplix. These Teapplix accounts are typically 'mutually linked' to an account on "partner" system:

  • Teapplix Account typically contain some auth token that allows it to access corresponding "partner accounts". For example, many partners are 3PL service providers, the paired account allows Teapplix to submit order, and perform inventory functions on the partner accounts using API.
  • Partner Account can use it's own "client id" to login to Teapplix without username + password
  • Partner can make selected API calls into Teapplix, using partner's client id, using one single "Master API Token"

The main difference between 'virtual accounts' and 'paired accounts', is that in virtual accounts, one single Teapplix account serves multiple 'partner customers', in paired accounts, each 'partner customer' is mapped to a separate Teapplix account.

In this section we describe the above operations. Setting up paired accounts require some custom work, please contact Teapplix Support if you'd like to partner with Teapplix this way.