Master API Token

Paired Accounts allow Partner software to make Teapplix APIv2 calls into the paired Teapplix Account, while using a single, Partner owned master API Token.

This is typically enabled by adding, at the end of /api2/XXXX, a query parameter "?PSClientID=xxxx" where xxxx is used to lookup the Teapplix Account Name.

One typical usage scenario is how Teapplix works with a 3PL service provider, to ship out orders that only Teapplix can generate the proper shipping label. The usage scenario is as follows:

  1. Teapplix + Partner setup the paired account system. Teapplix creates a special Master API Token that is authorized into a list of "paired Teapplix Accounts". The key used to lookup these accounts is "client id" that belong to the Partner system.
  2. For each paired Teapplix account, Teapplix customer should have entered the "client id" and "token" that belong to the 3PL partner. This allow Teapplix to access Partner system via API and submit orders.
  3. Teapplix will submit orders with special flags, indicating to Partner system that while partner should ship the order, they should obtain shipping label from Teapplix.
  4. When Partner is ready to ship, they use Teapplix API /api2/PurchaseLabelForOrder?PSClientID=xxxx to obtain the shipping label. In this case, PSClientID is customer's account id in Partner's system.
  5. For PurchaseLabelForOrder, the following parameters require special 'mention':
    1. From: { ProfileId: xx } -- here the ProfileId should be  the same value that passed to Partner system when submitted
    2. ShipMethod: The value of ShipMethod should be derived from the proper service method that Teapplix selected when submitting the order in step 3 above.
    3. Weight + Dimensions: these are provided by Partner based on actual product / package weight and dimensions