Teapplix USPS Scan Form

You can print a USPS Scan form at History => EOD. Select "USPS Scan Form" from the selection list at the top left of the "End Of the Day" (EOD) page. Select a "Post Office zip" if you have multiple shipping profiles, then click Generate. A printable PDF file will be created.

The following is included on USPS Scan Form

  • all USPS mail with ship date today, that has not been submitted on previous scan forms

Multiple Scan Forms
If you printed additional labels after you have already generated the scan form, you can create another scan form. The new scan form will only include items printed since the last scan form.

Multiple Post Office Zip Codes
If you have multiple "From Addresses" (multiple shipping profiles), when you select "USPS Scan Form", you will need to select a "Post Office Zip" used to generate the Scan Form. Each "Post Office Zip" will generate a separate printable Scan Form PDF.

Old Scan Forms
The EOD page lists scan forms generated from the past 45 days. These can be reprinted to see what order is included in what form.

NOTE: Letters and First Class Large Envelope/Flat are not eligible to be included on the SCAN form as they are not a trackable mail class type.