OnTrac is setup from "Integrations" => Carriers page. To setup, click the "+" sign to add another carrier, select OnTrac logo, then close.  Then click on the OnTrac tab. Click "Setup Master OnTrac Account". Then enter your OnTrac Account Number and API password.

If you check the box 'request pickup', OnTrac will send a truck to your account address in the afternoon if you printed label for that day. Without pickup selected, you can call OnTrac to come for on-demand pickup.

Click the ">" sign to expand the 'Configure OnTrac Shipping Methods' section to enable the services you use.

Please Note:  To obtain the API password,  you need to email softwaresupport@ontrac.com. Provide your OnTrac account number, contact name, number, and email,   and request for an API password.

Rate Quotes

Our new user interface can produce rate quotes in a number of different ways

  • On the new open orders page, next to the 'weight' input box, there is an icon you can click to produce a rate quote
  • The "rates & options" icon to the far right of the order row on open orders will bring up a dialog with detailed quotes
  • You can also select a list of orders, and change the "Ship" button on top of open orders table to "Rate Quote", and it will run rate quote for all orders and also display the $amount next to each order on open orders


Please Note:  OnTrac requires a certification process before you can use OnTrac in ActionShip to ship orders.

First, you need to generate a OnTraclabel label in ActionShip and send it to jchiaramonte@ontrac.com for review. After you get the approval from OnTrac,  you will then be able to ship real orders.

Printing label on new user interface now has 2 major entry points

  • Similar to old user infterface, on open orders, there is now a single button called "Ship" that will print all selected orders. OnTrac can print out in same batch as the rest of your other orders.
  • "rates & options" dialog, when you have it open, you can adjust options weights dimensions etc, and get a rate quote, and when you are happy with results, there is a "Ship" button that will directly generate a label.
  • notice, you can setup the rates & options dialog to automatically move to the next order after you push "ship" on a certain order.

Batch History, Reprint & Cancel

You can find places to see shipping history, reprint or cancel the label on our History => Batch History page.