USPS Custom Form

If you have a package that you will be shipping internationally and it is over 16 ounces then you are required to use an integrated custom form. The integrated custom form combines the shipping and custom information into one form. It is these integrated custom forms that electronically submit customs data to the USPS servers.

This document is going to discuss how many copies you need when using the following integrated custom forms.
• CN22 - PS Form 2976
• CP72 - PS Form 2976-A

Historically: mail class, value, physical characteristics, and mail class would determine which custom form was required.
For all destination countries, the CP72 includes 3 copies and the CN22 is only one copy.

Now: while mail class, value, physical characteristics, and mail class still determine which custom form is required.
The CN22 is still only one copy for all destination countries.  But for the CP72, the destination country will determine how many copies of the custom forms are required.

For Example:
CN22 custom form will still be for First Class Mail International and First Class Package International with only one copy.
CP72 custom form will still be for Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International. Canada, Australia, and Costa Rica only require one copy, while all other countries will still require the 3 copies.

The CP72 labels have to be printed on a laser printer with 8x11 paper
The CN22 can be printed on a thermal printer, or a laser printer

Extra copies
The extra copies of the custom forms go into the clear plastic envelope that you can get from your local Post Office at no charge.