Teapplix ActionShip integrates with Wayfair for order sync and inventory sync.

First, login to your Wayfair partner portal, go to Developer =>Application Management, and create an application by clicking on "New Application" (you can use “ActionShip” as the application name). After that you will receive the Client ID and Client Secret value.

Please Note: if you don't see the Application Management page on your Wayfair partner portal, you would need to contact Wayfair and request to integrate with Teapplix via API.

After you have obtained the Client ID and Client Secret,  follow the setps below to set up the integration in Teapplix ActionShip:

  • Login to ActionShip, go to Integrations => Marketplaces & Carts,
  • click + Add Marketplaces, and select Wayfair. Click Close to close the available marketplaces window.
  • Click + Add Wayfair Account, copy & paste the Client ID and Client Secret from Wayfair. Click Save.

Once you are connected, to test the connection, you can click on the Sync Orders button.

Wayfair requires a dryrun/test process when you just setup integration with Teapplix, to test order sync and inventory sync.  Then  you can be approved to use Teapplix for the production environment. 

So after you integrated Wayfair with Teapplix, please perform the following tests in Teapplix:

  1. Manually download Wayfair orders using the Sync Orders button.
  2. Ship the orders in Teapplix, and perform manual sync using the Sync Orders button.  Teapplix will upload the shipping info to Wayair testing environment.  You  will need to manually update the orders shipping info on Wayfair production environment if needed.
  3. Manually download Wayfair listings to Teapplix using the Download Listing button
  4. Go to Inventory->Listings page,  search out all Wayfair listings using Marketplace search criteria.  Make sure to enter the quantity for each Wayfair listing item in Teapplix.  Then select all the listings on each page, click the "Sync Qty to Marketplace" button so Teapplix will update the inventory of ALL your Wayfair listings.

After you finish all these tests, please contact Wayfair and request for a review of the dryrun/test results and approval to move the Teapplix integration to production environment.  You need to contact Teapplix Support once you obtain the approval.