Google Shopping Actions

In order to feed products to GSA, you need to turn on Walmart/Jet listing Tool on My Account => Subscription.

Prepare the Products

First, you need to complete the product catalog in Teapplix ActionShip.

If your products are already listed on Amazon, we can download most of the product details from your Amazon listings (you can go to Setup => Amazon and click on Download Amazon Listing button). Then you need to verify if every required information is filled.  You also need to enter a few additional information manually into our system, such as Weight, Google Product Type, etc.

The following product details are required:

  • Item Name - this will be used as SKU on GSA
  • Brand
  • UPC - each item must have valid UPC, it is typically 12 to 14 digits (not required for Jewelry products)
  • Weight for a single item
  • Default Price - this will be the price set on GSA
  • Item Title - this will be used as title if set
  • Long Description - this is required, a 4000 max char description. This allows HTML tags
  • Image Large(URL) - this will be the main image (currently only this one image will be sent to Google)
  • Google Express Product Type - Press "Expand" to see the list of product types. First find the top level, expand it further till the end of the tree. Once you find what you need, select it. You can press Collapse to hide the tree.

There are a few ways to fill in these product information:

  1. On the Inventory => Products page, edit each product and fill in each of the product details, Listing Data, Feature, and Long Description. 
  2. Bulk import the product details using file import. On the Products page, use the import/export action link. First Export out all products to a file (make sure to check the "Include Related Data") which will give you a master list of all products and attributes.  Then add /modify the values for those required product details.

Upload to Google Shopping Actions

On the Inventory => Products page, search those products you would like to feed to GSA.

Select those products, and choose Google Express at the bottom of the page for upload listing and click on the Generate button.

It should show you a detailed message about the upload status.  If there are any product failed to upload, you can fix them, and upload them again.