Web Connector 1039 Error

If, when you add an application to your webconnector and you get an 1039 error that says "unique file id / owner id required", you can try following the procedures below:

What happens if I forgot to "Remove" and my old computer is gone?

  • You would still do the above steps on the new computer, however when you "Add" the teapplix.qwc, you may get an 1039 error.
  • If that happens, go to your QuickBooks, under "Edit => Preferences", find "Integrated Applications", remove the "Teapplix Connector" application you find.
  • Now try "Add" the teapplix.qwc again to WebConnector
  • If still doesn't work, try this procedure from Intuit Support on 1039.
  • If you still get a 1039 error, try open the "teapplix.qwc" file in wordpad, edit the "OwnerID" field, change the last digit, save, and then "Add" again.