PayPal Expenses

If you have outgoing PayPal expenses that you would like to track in your QuickBooks, Teapplix can help you import them.

The process is as follows

  1. You can Download from PayPal (from Activity page, click on Download), a QuickBooks IIF file that contains your transactions. This file will contain both payments coming in, as well as going out of your PayPal account:
  2. When you download, Make sure you leave the "Income" account name as "Other Income". This is needed so Teapplix program can recognize it and filter it out:
  3. Upload the file to Teapplix under "QuickBooks" => PayPal Expenses, you will get another file back that has only outgoing transactions left.
  4. You can then import the file into your QuickBooks under File => Utilities => Import => IIF Files...