Ship Confirmation Download

You can download shipment confirmation for type "generic" orders using the above "Report" API. You must pass "Action=Report" on the URL.

Generate Generic Ship Confirmation File

for CSV:


for XLS:


(note here that + in url stands for space)

This report provides shipping details for "generic" type orders shipped during a certain date range. This typically is used to update some external system with tracking numbers. "Generic" orders are typically orders imported into Teapplix via API or via dropship import.

ship_date_s=2012/01/20 => for shipped orders with ship date >= 2012/01/20

ship_date_e=2012/01/31 => for shipped orders with ship date <= 2012/01/31

queue_id=dd => an integer number limiting orders from a certain Teapplix order queue

Example of calling Ship Confirmation Download API using "curl":

curl -k -o generic_shipment_report.csv -dSubaction='Generate%20Generic%20Ship%20Confirmation%20File' -d ship_date_s='' -d ship_date_e='' -d queue_id='' "[your teapplix account name]/ea/admin.php?User=xxxx&Passwd=xxxx&Action=Report"