Teapplix ActionShip provides 2 levels of functionality for inventory management.

Basic Inventory & Remember Weight
The basic level comes with ActionShip & ActionConnect and allows you to:

  1. Manage SKUs and their properties
  2. Remember weight & shipping rules on SKUs
  3. Map marketplace item names to SKUs

ActionShip Inventory
ActionShip Inventory adds to the basic functionality and helps you track inventory quantities and profits & loss. Features include:

  • Ability to enter inventory quantities & track purchases
  • Automatically deduct when you ship
  • Calculate profit & loss, either at listing level, or at SKU level. Tracks sales prices, shipping, fees from marketplaces, and your average cost of inventory.
  • Sync inventory quantity to existing listings on eBay and Amazon

Basic Inventory Functionality

Basic inventory involves 3 tables:

  1. Product
  2. Weight
  3. Item Name Mapping

"Products" and their properties:

  • SKU
  • Location Code
  • Customs Description
  • Customs Value
  • Image URL (large or small)
  • one custom field you can use for any purpose, called xref3

Products can be imported into ActionShip by using a CSV file under the inventory tab. You can also create products and fill in certain properties on the "remember weight screen".

SKU can be made to ship up on shipping labels. "Customers Description" and "Customs Value", when defined will be used on pre-filled custom forms. If Customs Description isn't filled in, we will use the item name and from the order instead. 

Large or small images can be put on the packing list and pick list. If you have both images, the large image will be sent.

XREF3 field can also be put on the packing list. You can use it for packing reminders or instructions to a customer.

Weight Table and Remember Weight

The key to weight table is "SKU" from products, and quantity. Given any SKU and quantity combination, the weight table describes how it will be shipped domestically and internationally.

*****Weight needs to be entered in OUNCES*****

Remember weight supports 5 different shipping classes:

Second-day (domestic only)
One-day (domestic only)

You need to fill in a method for all 5 classes that are offered. If any are left blank and the buyer chooses a shipping class that you have not assigned a value to, ActionShip will show no value for that order.

The weight stored in the weight table is inclusive of packaging. Because quantity is part of the key, you can define completely different weight, shipping methods for multiple quantity as compared to single quantity.

ActionShip will look up weight table entries for the specific quantity purchased in an order when applying remember weight. If no entry is found for multiple quantity, Teapplix will try to find weight table entries that has quantity 1, and multiple the weight by quantity.

Weight table entries can be maintained via the "remember weight" screen individually, or via the "Weight Table" link under the "Inventory" tab.

Item Name Mapping

You can map the item name from your orders to a specific product. You can do that on the "remember weight" screen. You can do that in bulk, by using a CSV import, under the inventory tab.