Overstock.com (Supplieroasis)

We integrate with Overstock for Order Management and Inventory Management.

First you may need to contact Overstock to setup a production account on the Supplieroasis platform.  We are a certified partner with Overstock, so you won't need to go through the certification process. You may need to fill out a form and provide the software information you will use for order fulfillment (Teapplix ActionShip would be your  3rd party VAN, and we are integrated with SupplierOasis via API integration).

Once you have the Supplieroasis account credential,   you can then enter it to ActionShip Overstock setup page. Navigate to Integration => Marketplaces & Carts. Click+Add Marketplaces and select Overstock. Click Close to close the marketplaces options page. Click+Add Overstock Account. Enter the Overstock username and password. Click Save.

We will download your Overstock orders regularly, and upload tracking numbers.

Order Sync

ActionShip will automatically download your Overstock orders every 30 minutes, and automatically acknowledge those orders immediately.  We will automatically upload the tracking info to Overstock, after you fulfill those orders.

Please Note:   If you plan to use ActionShip to ship Overstock orders,  please make sure the warehouse name you setup on Overstock / Supplieroasis does not contain special character such as "&" or "-" etc.  Otherwise the shipping info update to Overstock will fail.

Listing and Inventory Management

You can also use ActionShip to sync your product quantities to Overstock.  To use this functionality,  you must subscribe to ActionShip Inventory.  ActionShip Inventory provides the following functions for your Overstock inventory management:

  • If you turn on 15 minute automatic inventory sync, ActionShip Inventory will automatically update your listing with latest inventory quantity.
  • You can use the “Update Price” link in ActionShip Inventory to update price.