To integrate Teapplix with your Bigcommerce account you need to:

  1. Log in at as store's owner.
  2. Enter store URL in text box Store name
  3. Click button "Link Bigcommerce Account" displayed on the Setup page
  4. Agree on request and finish integration

The store URL should be similar to:

It maybe displayed on the browser's URL bar after you logged into Bigcommerce Shop Administration area.  Or you can take the following steps to find it:

Click on Account Details under Account Settings, it will bring you to a different web page.  Then choose My Account->Store Details.  You can find the Permanent Addresses at the very bottom of the detail page.

All other roles except "owner" are not allowed by Bigcommerce to link accounts. If your account is not "owner" you'll get error "Hold on, you're not authorized to go here"

Although Teapplix supports your own domain names like, which is linked to your Bigcommerce shop, it is not guaranteed that if you'll enter such domain name we will be able to link accounts.

If you are unable to link the account, you can try to install the Teapplix App from the BigCommerce App store.  You can find our App on BigCommerce using this url  Once you installed the Teapplix App, it will create the link for you in your Teapplix account.

After you have finished the integration with your BigCommerce Store, you should start seeing the orders downloaded to your account shortly. We will download Bigcommerce orders based on the order dates.