Amazon Returns and Settlement Reports

In addition to exporting orders to QuickBooks, Teapplix can also export the following data from Amazon Settlement Report to Quickbooks: Amazon Returns, and Other Transactions (one-time charges / reimbursements).

On the QuicBooks->Integration Setup page, there are two checkbox under section "Settlements & Refunds" that you can choose:

  • Export Amazon Refunds: This will only export the Amazon refunds to QuicKBooks
  • Export Amazon Settlement: This will export both Amazon refunds and Other transactions to QuickBooks

Amazon Refund

The refunds will be exported to QuickBooks as Credit Memo on top of the original Amazon orders. So the original Amazon orders must have been exported to QuickBooks by Teapplis first for their refunds to be able to export.

The Refund Cutoff Date on the Integration Setup page should be always be setup. Only refunds from that date will be exported to QuickBooks. The cutoff date should be set no early than the oldest Amazon orders that were exported to QuickBooks by Teapplix.

The refund data will be downloaded from Amazon, and displayed on QuickBooks->Refunds page with Export status.

Amazon Settlement Report

The charges in the Settlement Report include Subscription Fee, Storage Fee, tec. They will be exported to QuickBooks as an expense check to a Vendor.

The reimbursement in the Settlement Report will be exported to QuickBooks as a deposit check from a Vendor.

So if you choose to export the Amazon Settlement Report, you would need to complete some additional setups:

  • On the Integration Setup page, under the "Per Account Mapping" section, the Account and Vendor field for Amazon marketplace should be setup by selecting an Account and Vendor from the QuickBooks. They will be associated with the check expense or check deposit.
  • On Quickbooks->Settlement Mapping page, there is a list of possible charges/reimbursement with the "Other" category. Identify those that are contained in your Amazon Settlement, click on the pencil icon to the right of each line and select/map an Item or Account from the QuickBooks. It will be used to identify what the check is for.

Each Settlement Report downloaded from Amazon will be displayed on QuickBooks->Settlement page, with a "Export to QuickBooks" status.