Dropship with label from Teapplix

For some marketplace orders, you maybe required to ask your 3PL to use label generated by Teapplix for dropship. This is typically due to the fact, that marketplace has special label and packing list requirements:

  • Walmart dsv - Walmart requires you to use Walmart supplied bill 3rd party FedEx UPS account to generate shipping labels. There are also specific parameters required during label generation, and there are special ship to customer vs ship to store requirements
  • Overstock - Overstock also require you to use bill 3rd party FedEx UPS accounts
  • Wayfair - Wayfair also require bill 3rd party FedEx UPS accounts
  • Amazon - seller fulfilled prime orders require label to be generated on Amazon API

To handle such requirements, when Teapplix submit orders to supported 3PL, either manually or automatically by filter, Teapplix will submit a URL for 3PL to download the label (and packing list), together with the rest of the order information.

In this case, label will be generated and your order will be marked as shipped when the URL is accessed successfully the first time.

When you submit dropship to 3PL by pushing a button in Teapplix, the current shipping profile, weight and dimension of the order are used to generate the shipping label.

When you write a filter and automatically submit the order, Teapplix requires you to:

  • If you want to use a different shipping profile to generate the label, you should move the order in the filter rule to a queue that is tied to that shipping profile. Otherwise Master Default is used
  • You should setup remember weight rules for the order so Teapplix knows what shipping method and weigh of the order.