Ship Methods Mapping

By default, eBay shipping methods are mapped to Teapplix ActionShip "shipping classes":

  • Standard
  • Expedited
  • One-day
  • Economy

Based on the shipping class, ActionShip applies "remember weight" rules based on the SKU and quantity to compute the actual shipping method assigned.

ActionShip follows Marketplace's default classification when mapping to Standard, Expedited, One-day, and Economy. However, you can override the default mapping on each marketplace setup page on the Integration => Marketplaces and Carts.

When you override default mapping, select a specific shipping method from marketplace, you have the choice of:
1) map the shipping method to a different ActionShip shipping class, or
2) map the shipping method to a specific ActionShip shipping method, thus bypassing ActionShip's remember weight rules

Please refer to Shipping Method Translation for more information.