Consolidators – International

Teapplix supports shipping to international addresses via consolidators with your Teapplix USPS account. These labels will not deduct postage from your postage balance and you paid shipping cost to the consolidator directly.

Supported consolidators include, but not limited to:

  • Asendia USA (formerly Asendia and Globegistics) – rate and label
  • ePost Global (formerly RR Donnelley) – label only
  • FedEx Cross Border – rate and label

To setup:

  1. You need to have your Consolidator account credential ready and emailed the credential to Teapplix Support to link to your account:
    • Asendia USA – account number, user name, password, API key, processing location
    • ePost Global – account number
    • FedEx Cross Border – API key, origin hub
  1. In Teapplix “Integrations => Carriers => USPS”. Click on “Configure USPS Shipping Methods” link, and enable the shipping methods you need. Click “Save” to save your selections.
    • Asendia USA
      • Commercial E-Packet = ePAQ Standard (A105)
      • International Priority Airmail = ePAQ Plus (A112)
      • Generic Consolidator Intl = ePAQ Select (A123)
      • Generic Consolidator Intl 1 = ePAQ Select PMEI (A115)
    • ePost Global
      • Generic Consolidator Intl 7 = EPG Priority Parcel with DC - DDU
      • Generic Consolidator Intl 9 = EPG Priority Parcel no DC - DDU
    • FedEx Cross Border
      • Commercial E-Packet = CBECL
      • Generic Consolidator Intl = CBEC (DDU)
  1. The selected shipping methods will be visible for international orders, once enabled in the above steps.
  1. You can select these shipping methods, put in weight, and generate shipping labels as you would with other carriers.