Amazon Vendor US and EUR

Teapplix ActionShip support Amazon Vendor integration for US and EUR countries. We can automatically download orders and upload tracking numbers, We can also download the labels generated by Amazon Vendor.

Link Amazon Vendor Account

Go to Integration->Marketplace

click Add Marketplaces,  choose “Amazon Vendor” .

then click Add button to connect with your Amazon Vendor account.

Download Label from Amazon Vendor

ActionShip can download the label generated by Amazon Vendor for the Directly Fulfillment Orders.

Go to Integration->Marketplace, edit the Amazon Vendor integration, and check the "Buy Shipping API".

On the Orders page, select the Directly Fulfillment Orders, set the Ship Method and Weight (ship method is required to set on our web page, but actually not used when we download labels)

Click the Ship button on the top. ActionShip will automatically download and display the labels generated by Amazon Vendor.