Commercehub Quantity Upload

Commercehub do not have concept of 'listings' to download. As a result, there is no 'incremental' quantity update, nor can Teapplix change prices.

However, Teapplix once a day can upload inventory quantity to commercehub, if you turn on quantity sync for commercehub.

To do that, Teapplix will select all products of type 'inventory', where:

  • supplier_sku is filled --> this will match the "merchantSKU" on commercehub
  • item_name will be used to match "vendorSKU" on commercehub

For all products that has supplier_sku, and maintain quantity in warehouse 1 inside Teapplix, Teapplix will upload quantity once a day for such SKU to commercehub.

Multiple Warehouses and Quantities

If you want to upload more than one warehouse quantity to commercehub, you must do the following:

  • create the warehouses in your Teapplix account, and inform commercehub which warehouse id # you want to upload quantity to commercehub, they have to create and approve matching warehouse ids
  • inform Teapplix Support via email, which list of warehouse ids you want to upload quantity to commercehub