1. We are upgrading to Quickbooks enterprise, do we have to make any changes to the Web Connector? - No
  2. Teapplix does not have Profit and Loss reports; these reports are obtained in your QuickBooks under Reports.
  3. Data Security and Privacy concerns:
    1. When you setup a web connector connection, in QuickBooks there is a checkbox to "allow access to personal data", which you can turn off. At least SSNs and credit card numbers are not in Teapplix.
    2. For your sales data, we host our servers at a secure hosting facility that passes industry certifications. Only authorized Teapplix Support personnel have access to this data. We never disclose your data to any third party. Our privacy policy here: http://www.teapplix.com/privacy.html
  4. How to display the "Item Name" field on Sales Receipt in QuickBooks:
    -The only way to do that, is in your eBay listing put the "SKU" in the custom label field. In Teapplix select "use custom label as item name". Then, the listing title will be in QuickBooks in the description field.
  5. The teapplix.qwc is only needed during "Add", once you add it, you can delete it.
  6. If you want to track your additional eBay/PayPal sales separately in QuickBooks, then you can open an additional Teapplix account and in the same web connector, add the teapplix.qwc from all accounts. With that, you will have separate Integration Setup page and you can map things differently.
  7. TConnect update causes the integration page back to default - When this happens, usually it is from an incomplete run of the web connector.  You need to clear the log on the web connector (so that we can get a fresh log to view) then update the web connector again and note any errors. Send these errors to the support team to help find the best solution.