How to Set Up a New FedEx Account

ActionShip by Teapplix supports FedEx US and FedEx Canada.You can link your FedEx Account(s) in ActionShip. You can also create multiple shipping profiles and add an additional FedEx or FedEx Bill 3rd Party accounts to each shipping profile.

To add a new FedEx Account complete these steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the bottom of the Integrations => Carriers 

Step 2: Select the + Add Carriers button on the left

Step 3: A pop-up window will appear. Select FedEx and then the blue Close button.

Step 4: You will then need to set up your Master FedEx account. When you click Setup Master FedEx Account the “End-User License Agreement (ASP Agreement)” will appear. Select Accept at the bottom of the agreement.

Step 5: After you accept the “End-User License Agreement (ASP Agreement), you will be able to enter your FedEx account number and your billing address.

Step 6: When adding a FedEx account, you are able to expand the FedEx ShipAlert Setup and the FedEx SmartPost Setup and configure those settings.

Step 7: You will see a green bar at the top of the screen saying the registration is successful.