If you have a Shopify account, you can connect it to ActionShip. 

Step 1 Log into your Shopify account and click “Add Apps” on the left hand menu bar. 

Step 2 Select the “Shopfy App Store” butto at the bottom of the “Picked for you” pop-up window.

Step 3 Search for ActionShip in the Shopify App Store. On the ActionShip Shopify app listing click the black “Add App” button.

Step 4 Click the green “Install App” button.

Step 5 When you click the green “Install App” button, you will be taken to the ActionShip registration form. If you do not have an ActionShip account you can create one now. If you already have an ActionShip account click the blue “Link to an existing Teapplix account” to connect your Shopify store to ActionShip.

Step 6 When you click the blue “Link to an existing Teapplix account”, you will be taken to the ActionShip login screen. Enter your account name, email address, and password information. 

Step 7 Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the ActionShip Marketplaces & Carts page. There will be a green banner at the top of the page that reads, “Shopify account linked successfully”.

Step 8 In order to have the FedEx ship method automatically set for the Shopify orders when they are downloaded, you can setup an automatic shipping method translation rule.

Step 9 After expanding “Shipping Method Translation Table for Shopify”, select “+ Add One”  on the right hand sde.

Step 10 First enter the Shopify shipping method on the Source Shipping Method field. Then select the drop down menu “Teapplix Ship Method” and choose which FedEx shipping option you want to use.

Step 11 Customers can map as many shipping methods as they need to by setting a different string and name for each translation.