Teapplix ActionShip supports EDI integration with Lowe's, for both Order Sync and Inventory Update.

  • ActionShip will automatically download orders and confirm/acknowledge the downloaded orders.
  • After you fulfill the orders, ActionShip will automatically upload tracking numbers and send invoices. 
  • For the orders cancelled on Lowe's, ActionShip will automatically receive the change file and update the orders to cancelled in our system.
  • For the orders you cancel in ActionShip, we will send the cancel status to Lowe's as well.
  • If you choose to use our Inventory Advisor and setup the products, quantity data and warehouse name correctly in ActionShip, we will upload the inventory update file once per day.

We will collect a processing fee for each downloaded order, and charge monthly together with the service fee.

Please note our default Packing Slip template would not meet the retail store's specific requirement.  You can choose to go to CommerceHub web portal and generate the Packing Slip, or customize the packing slip template in your ActionShip account (with a one-time customization fee cost).

Integration options

Each ActionShip account can only integrate with one Lowe's account.  If you have multiple accounts with Lowe's, you would need to setup multiple ActionShip accounts.

Currently, there is no direct integration with Lowe's. All integrations are required to use the CommercHub platform. It has several options for communication methods. Teapplix ActionShip uses the option of EDI file over SFTP server.

Please setup a CommerceHub account and make the following configuration:

  • Set the Data Exchange Method as SFTP and Format as EDI. Make sure to choose this option for the following message types: Purchase Order, Functional Acknowledgement, Shipment Notification and Invoice Message. 
  • Also choose this option for Inventory Advisor if you plan to use ActionShip Inventory Advisor (the alternative would be "Web Upload" which is to use CommerceHub OrderStream portal to upload your inventory).

Certification Testing with CommerceHub

CommerceHub requires a certification testing for the integration. We will charge a fee for the testing process: $300 for order testing and $100 for inventory testing. Please consult with CommerceHub for the fee they will charge.

To initiate the integration testing, Please obtain the following information from CommerceHub and contact us  with the information:

Email from CommerceHub partnersetup with the Test SFTP site login credential