Michaels Marketplace

Teapplix ActionShip supports integration with Michaels Marketplace. We can automatically download orders, upload tracking numbers, and update listing quantity.

Linking your Michaels Account

To link your Michaels account,  you would need to obtain the API key from Michaels Marketplace. Michaels has two API key environment, one for sandbox environment and the other for production environment. Sandbox environment is for testing purpose, and approval is required before issue API key for production environment.

How to obtain API key:

  • On the API Homepage, click Become a Seller to register as a seller
  • Navigate to Developer Account
  • Select Sandbox from the menu to switch to the sandbox environment
  • Select Create API Key from the menu and complete the API information
  • Select the permission according to your needs
  • Submit the information to generate the sandbox API key

After completing the testing using the sandbox API key

  • Select Request Production API keys from the Developer Account menu
  • Complete the form and submit to request access production API keys
  • Manage production API keys after receiving approval email notification

Once you obtain this data, go to ActionShip Integration => Marketplaces & Carts. Click + Add Marketplaces. Search for Michaels and click the icon to add it to your marketplace list. Click close to close the available marketplace window.  Then click + Add Michales Account. Copy and paste in the API key and click "Save".