Multiple Packages and Tracking

If you sell large items, sometimes a single order must ship in multiple packages. These packages may be shipped at the same time, or they may be printed and shipped at different times.

Multiple package is supported in Teapplix via the following ways:

  • Identical Package Count: this is supported for UPS, FedEx. If set to greater than 1, Teapplix will generate multiple labels with the same method, weight and dimension
  • Extra Packages: this is added on an order before it is shipped. All the packages are printed at the same time when you generate shipping label for the order. Where supported (FedEx and UPS), Teapplix will utilize the MPS feature of the carrier and generate a master tracking no for all packages. Sometimes you will get a discount from the carrier for doing so as compared to printing the label for each package separately.
  • Split Order: you will split the original order into many child orders. This allow you to print shipping label for the child order separately, even from different warehouses.

Depending on the marketplace, Teapplix may just upload the master tracking no, or all the tracking numbers and indicate which item is in which package.

Package Count and Multiple Tracking

When you set package count to greater than 1, Teapplix may upload all tracking number on supported marketplaces when the following conditions are met:

  • the quantity for all identical item names are the same as or multiples of the package count

If this is not the case, Teapplix will only upload the first or master tracking number.

Extra Package and Multiple Tracking

For marketplace that require you to upload all tracking numbers, Teapplix will force you to fill out a packing plan when you add extra packages. Based on the packing plan, Teapplix will upload all the tracking numbers to the marketplace.

Notice the packing plan forces certain validation. In general you cannot split a single item / quantity from the original order into multiple packages using packing plan. If you need to do this, use Split Order feature instead.

Split Order and Multiple Tracking

Another way to achieve multiple packages and have Teapplix upload all tracking numbers is to use 'split order' feature, where allowed. Split order allows you to ship part of an order at different times, and allows you to split an original order item into sub-items.

Teapplix allows split orders for certain marketplaces and has looser validation rules as compared to the 'Packing Plan' validation above.

Teapplix will upload all tracking numbers to marketplace if certain conditions hold. Otherwise, Teapplix will only upload the main or first tracking number:

  • For each child order, you cannot add extra package. You should split the original orders such that each child order can be shipped with 1 package or set of identical packages.
  • for each child order, if you set identical package count to greater than 1, then for any unique child item the total quantity must be the same or multiple of the package count. If this rule is not followed, Teapplix will not be able to upload all tracking numbers to the marketplace.
  • For any parent order item (single quantity), if you do not split this item into multiple child orders, or into the same child order but multiple packages for the child, then Teapplix can upload all the tracking numbers back to marketplace. If you violate this rule then Teapplix only uploads a single tracking number.

The rule stated on this page maybe further changed for specific marketplaces. When that happens the help page for that Marketplace will have updated rules that apply.