Search Orders

All the orders that were downloaded to your Teapplix account can be found using the Search page under History menu. There are many search conditions you can utilize for the search. For example, you can

  • Search by Order Id
  • Search by Marketplace and Payment Date or Ship Date
  • Search by SKU, you can enter multiple SKUs
  • Search by Buyer Name
  • Search by Order Queue
  • Search by Warehouse Name
  • Search by City or State, you can enter multiple lines

For the text field, you can also enter part of the string to search for all orders matching that partial string.

  • To search using begin with, just enter the string on the text field
  • To search using end with, add "%" at the beginning of the the string
  • To search using including, add "%" at the beginning and end of the string
  • To search using Not include, add "!" at the beginning of the string