Tags and All Unshipped page

We have added a new feature to our web user interface to provide more usability and convenience for order management and shipping automation. You can now add tags to orders.

Tags can be created with different colors. You can apply/enable one more tags on an order. You can search for orders with a specific tag.

  • To setup the list of tags, go to Settings->Tags page.
  • To apply a tag to an order, open the order detail/edit page and choose the tag.
  • To bulk apply or remove a tag to multiple orders, open the Bulk Update panel and choose the tag.

Tag is available on every Orders page. So in addition to Order Queues what can organize the orders with different warehouses and shipping profiles etc, the tags can further help to categorize the orders.

We also added a a new summary page under Orders. The page All Unshipped will display all the open orders from every order queues. This will help you to better manage the orders. On this page, you can

  • View orders from different order queue at one place
  • Bulk update the orders at once, instead of going to each order queue page
  • Assign tags to orders from different order queues
  • Generate packing lists for orders from different order queues all together, instead of going to each of the order queue page. Please note: you cannot generate shipping labels from this page.