Tractor Supply

Teapplix ActionShip support direct connection with the retail chain company Tractor Supply via EDI integration.

We support both Order Sync and Inventory Update.

  • ActionShip will automatically download orders from Tractor Supply.
  • After you fulfill the orders, ActionShip will automatically upload shipping confirmation to Tractor Supply. 
  • For the orders cancelled on Tractor Supply, ActionShip will automatically receive the change file and update the orders to cancelled in our system.
  • If you choose to use our Inventory Advisor and setup the products, quantity data and warehouse name correctly in ActionShip, we will upload the inventory update file to Tractor Supply once per day.

Integration and Testing

If you plan to integrate your Tractor Supply account with Teapplix ActionShip, please contact our support team with the Tractor Supply EDI team contact info. We will help you with the EDI system on-boarding and setup. There is a requirement from Tractor Supply to do a set of testings in order for the integration to go live. The testing involves full cycle of orders download and acknowledgement, shipment confirmation, order cancellation, and inventory update etc.

We will collect a fee for the integration setup and testing effort. Please contact our support team for the fee details.

Order Processing Fee

We collect a processing fee for each order downloaded from Tractor Supply, to cover the transportation cost of the EDI documents including order file, order cancellation file, shipment confirmation file, as well invoice, etc.

The total order processing fee will be collected at the end of each usage