Submit Order to Another Software or Account

You can submit an order to some other software or another Teapplix account for order fulfillment.

First you need to integrate with the other software or link to the other Teapplix account.

Then you can dropship/submit orders either manually or automatically.

Manual Submit Order

Go to Orders page, select one or more orders in open orders, click the Profile dropdown list on the top and select the other software or Teapplix account.  Then click on the "Submit" button.

If there is an error during the process, you will get an error message.

Automatic Submit Order

You can setup an automatic filter rule for this. Go to  Settings => Filters page,  click Add Filter.  In the filter, specify the filtering criteria such as Marketplace,  SKU, etc, so we would know what orders to submit. In the Action section at the bottom, check the "Drop Ship" option and select the right account. Make sure to check the "Run this search on new orders coming" checkbox on the top, and Save the filter.  This filter will be applied automatically to newly downloaded orders and the qualified orders will be automatically submitted.

Orders failed during Drop Ship will remain in Open Orders page. You can use manual submit to check the error of the failure.

Updating Shipping Results

Once submitted, the order will be marked as shipped in Teapplix, but not confirmed back to the original channel. Teapplix will automatically download shipping info for these orders when the "shipped" event and tracking number is available, then update the tracking number back onto the channel the order originally came from.