DropShipping FAQ

Once a group of orders have been identified as requiring drop shipping, will I have options to: Create CSV for order group by drop-shipper?

  • Yes you select the orders and push a button, which generates a csv file.

Print this order groups to PDF?

  • We don’t generate PDF or the actual shipping label on this button. If you are actually generating the postage label and passing on the label to your drop-shipper, then it is not actually considered drop ship.

Will a simple format input coming back from drop shippers, to include(for example): order number, shipped date, service ID, tracking number be sufficient to integrate back and update shipping confirmation and tracking information on sales venues (ebay, amazon, shopping cart etc.)?

  • Yes, we have a “standard dropship response csv”. If your dropshipper can produce this, then you can upload it to our software and it will trigger confirm back to marketplace, emails, etc.

Do we have a facility to integrate drop shipper invoices coming in for above fulfilled sales orders?

  • We don’t currently have such a feature.