Changes to Walmart DSV Integration

Please note: this change only affect Walmart Vendor platform (WalmartDSV) integration and has no impact to Walmart Seller marketplace (Walmart) integration.

Walmart has announced that after March 1st, 2024, integrations with Walmart Vendor (WalmartDSV) using Consumer ID / Secret key authentication will stop working. All Walmart Vendors should migrate to the new OAuth2 Token based authentication, using the Client ID / Client Secret pair.

Here is a brief description of the timelines of release on Teapplix side:

At end of day on February 22, 2024, Teapplix web page for WalmartDSV integration will be changed such that you can no longer add or edit the old Consumer ID based integration. We have marked them as obsolete. If you add or edit integrations, you will be asked to enter the new Client ID and Client Secret and integrate the new way.

Between Feb 22nd to 25th, Teapplix will work with a few customers to beta test the new token based authentication.

On or after February 26th, 2024, customers that integrate with Walmart Vendor (WalmartDSV) must edit their integration and enter the new Client ID / Client Secret. The process to obtain Client ID / Client Secret is documented by Walmart and you should have received an email with details. If you are not clear about it please contact Walmart support.

After March 1st the old and obsolete integrations using Consumer ID will stop working and may be deleted.

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