Changes to CSV Order Reports

On or after March 25, 2024, we plan to release updates to our CSV order reports. This will include both one line per order report and one line per item report.

We use to refrain adding new columns to the report due to some of our customers using software to process these reports. Starting next week we will add new columns in the report. As our integration gets enhanced, we have more and more information on orders that our customers want, so it is no longer feasible to keep the order report columns fixed.

If you currently use program to parse the csv reports, we have the following suggestion:

  • do not use fixed position based way to access data. Teapplix csv reports have headers. We never change the header name for a given field, we only add new fields. You should use field name to lookup data in csv
  • switch to our REST based API: Teapplix REST API V2 | Teapplix Help

If you absolutely cannot do any of the above, Teapplix Support can make a customization of your account and fix the report format, but you will not get any future enhancements.

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