Express1 Discount USPS

Express1 discount USPS is a free service to Teapplix customers. You maintain a separate postage meter used to pay for discounted Priority Mail (flat rate and 1-10 lb otherwise), Priority Mail International (all weights except flat rate) and First Class Mail International (all weights except flat rate) shipping labels.

To leverage Express 1 USPS discount, follow these steps

  • If you do not have a Teapplix Account, open one using the following link, follow the wizard to create your Express1 account:
    Create Express1 powered Teapplix account.
  • For customers already with a Teapplix account, go to Setup => Shipping, and select "Express1" as your USPS Discount Provider, Save
  • Go to Setup => Express1, and follow instructions on the page to setup your Express1 Account.
  • A single Express1 account can be shared among multiple Teapplix accounts, contact Teapplix support to copy over the account.