Walmart DSV

Teapplix can directly integrate with Walmart DSV (dropship vendor) platform, without EDI or any other 3rd party software components.

[ As of 11/2017, this is considered Beta release by both Teapplix and Walmart ]

Setup is done by enter API credentials on Setup => Others. You can obtain your credential by logging into your Walmart Partner Portal.

Teapplix currently supports order sync (downloading orders, and marking them shipped afterwards).

Teapplix also support listing download and quantity management.

The "ship node" concept is supported, you can use our warehouse mapping utility to map each Walmart "ShipNode" to a Teapplix Warehouse.

Special Shipping Requirements For Walmart DSV
Walmart may place special shipping requirements on vendors. Some vendors are required to ship orders using Walmart provided UPS or FedEx accounts and ship using "bill 3rd party". To setup such shipping, you create a special shipping profile dedicated to Walmart DSV, and link in such accounts.

Notice that Walmart may also require that you put specific information into "Reference1" and "Reference2" fields on such shipping labels. Teapplix shipping profile setup allows you to put macros or hard wired values in such Reference fields. Please contact Teapplix support on how to setup your shipping profile to meet specific Walmart DSV requirements.