Generic CSV

Generic CSV
Teapplix supports importing from Generic CSV format. The orders will be classified as "generic", and imported from the "Import" link under Open Orders.

You can download a sample file below. You are responsible for mapping your orders into this format.

Here is a sample of our GenericCSVImport.

Please note:

  • Teapplix requires that order ids are unique in each Teapplix Account. So make sure you do not import orders with ids that are used by other orders imported into Teapplix.
  • You must use correct string for ship method.  You can find the full list of the Teapplix ship methods for US Shipping Carrier , and All Shipping Carrier.
  • Some of the address zipcode has 0 at the beginning or end.   To make sure they are not trimmed them out in the CSV file,  you need to make sure the format  of that column is set to zipcode.


Importing orders via Generic CSV files into a Specific Order Queue

This can be done by adding a “QueueID” field to the Teapplix Generic CSV file.  We recommend adding the “QueueID” as last column.  See here for more info.

Generic Ship Confirmation

After "generic" orders are shipped in Teapplix, you can generate a "Generic Ship Confirmation File" from Teapplix under "Order History" => Shipment Reports. Only "generic" orders will be included in the report. This ship confirmation file can be used to communicate shipping status, tracking number, postage costs, etc to other parties.

Here is a sample of our Generic Ship Confirm CSV File.

Uploading "Generic Ship Confirmation" to Teapplix

If you ship orders outside of Teapplix, by a 3rd party drop shipper for example, you can ask them to sends you a "Generic Ship Confirmation" file, you can upload the file under "Upload Drop Ship Result" link on Open Orders page. Once uploaded, the corresponding Teapplix orders (matched by txn_id) will be closed from open orders, and their status and tracking numbers will be uploaded back to upstream marketplaces and shopping carts.