QuickBooks as Inventory Master

If you subscribe to both Teapplix ActionConnect and InventoryAdvisor, you can optionally set QuickBooks as inventory master. In that case, you do not need to maintain Quantities in Teapplix. Teapplix will pull "current quantity available" from QuickBooks.

To turn on this mode, go to Inventory => Options page, and check the checkbox for "Use QuickBooks as Inventory Master" and save the page.

qbinvmasterWorkflow using QuickBooks as Inventory Master:

  1. Update inventory item quantities in QuickBooks
  2. Run Webconnector, update Teapplix-QuickBooks
  3. Check in Teapplix, under Inventory tab, Quantities and you should see the quantity updated to what's in your QuickBooks with date when the inventory was updated in QuickBooks
  4. In order to update this quantity to marketplace, you can either manually sync quantity back to marketplace under Inventory tab, Listings, then select the SKUs and click "Sync quantities to marketplace" or turn on the 15-minute auto quantity update on the Inventory->Options page.
    Whether manual sync or auto sync, you need to ensure that your QuickBooks sync is running timely and with no errors. If orders fail to export to QuickBooks due to error, it will cause Teapplix to have incorrect quantities.

Quantity Logic in Teapplix
Teapplix takes the quantity available reported in QuickBooks, which we assume reflects your proper inventory level. Teapplix deducts quantity that are sold but not yet exported to QuickBooks (they can be found in Unexported Orders page).  What's left is the true quantity that can be allocated into the listings.

Inventory, and Inventory Assembly
Note that under this mode, only inventory and inventory assembly participate in "active inventory sync". Listings on "non inventory item", "service", etc, will not be quantity managed by Teapplix.

Inventory Assemblies
Inventory Assemblies correspond to "Combo products" in Teapplix. The quantity available of assemblies in Teapplix will be calculated by Teapplix based on the quantity from each of the child items.  If you also built the quantity for an  inventory assembly in QuickBooks, we will add it on top of the calculated value.