Print Packing List

Packing List is a one page per order sheet showing the order information. It is typically sent to the customers as a record.

There is also other additional information you can add to your Packing List. Go to Settings => Packing List then select the corresponding checkbox, such as SKU, SKU Barcode, Location, and Image or xref3.

Teapplix ActionShip has 2 ways to print packing lists:

  1. If you use PDF based method to print shipping labels, you can choose to include a packing list right after the shipping label itself. This can be turned on by going to "Settings => Printers and Scales" then select Packing List after Label, Landscape Packing List after Label, or None then save.
  2. There is also a separate "Packing List" that will generate an independent stream of packing lists to print on any printer of your choice. Note that you should in general select this option before you print your shipping labels, as the orders will normally disappear from Open Orders once you print your shipping labels. When you select a list of orders in "Open Orders", then click the "..." beside the Ship button, then select "Packing List", you will get an HTML page with a prompt to print. The resulting web page contains packing lists for all selected orders, one order per page. Use the File->Print menu from the browser to print the packing list. You can print the packing list on a normal printer, or a thermal label printer that prints 4x6 labels. We recommend you print your Packing Lists right before you generate shipping labels. This way the same list of orders are selected for both your shipping labels and packing list, in the same sequence. Hint: When printing your packing list, make sure you clear any header / footer in your browser print setup.

Skipping Packing List
You can choose to not print a packing list at all. Your shipping label can contain information so that you know what to pack into a package. This can be achieved by checking the "SKU on shipping label" checkbox in "Settings =>Printers and Scales" page and enter the information you need to display in the SKU edit box following the instruction in this document.