Inventory Quantity Upload

Inventory Quantity Upload

If you have InvenoryAdvisor® subscription, you can use Inventory Quantity upload to pass quantity information from external systems ("inventory masters") into Teapplix. To do that use the above API end point and pass in the following additional parameters:


(optional) im_chk_clear=1  => Delete all existing quantity data before uploading.
(optional) im_chk_cleanup=1  => Clean Up old in-stock records after uploading.
(optional) im_xref_action=create_product_auto => Automatically create the referenced product if not found.

With this upload, third-party systems can upload inventory quantity and location information back to Teapplix.

You must attach an inventory update csv file (download an example) as part of the upload. The name of the upload file html element must be "upload".

An example of doing API upload using "curl" is the following:

curl -k --form Subaction=Inventory --form upload=@upload.csv ''

Names of fields must be specified as in the example at the first row. Click here for more information about Inventory Quantity Uploads.

Optional Fields in Inventory Upload
You can have 2 optional fields in inventory upload

  1. "Location" field - when specified, Teapplix will update it's inventory with the location value
  2. "Warehouse ID" field - when multi-warehouse is turned on and additional warehouses are defined, you can specify the integer warehouse_id for the quantity record.


You must first check for HTTP level error codes. Invalid authentication, or fatal system errors will be indicated by HTTP response codes.

Normal returns should have 200 status code. Any other HTTP code will indicate an error.

For inventory upload, we produce a CSV output with the following columns:

  1. SKU    -- the SKU in the uploaded data
  2. Status -- Success, NotFound or Failure, NotFound means that the SKU is not present in the Teapplix system and your data is skipped. Failure is some other failure and will produce a message.
  3. Message -- in the case of failure for this SKU, like validation failure, we will have a message here.