Download Inventory Information

You can use our "Export" REST API to download inventory related information:

URL Endpoint[your teapplix account name]/ea/admin.php?User=xxxx&Passwd=xxxx&Action=Export

In the above url, replace [your teapplix account name] with your real Teapplix Account Name, and replace other xxxx with your username / password to your Teapplix account. The User, Passwd and Action parameter must be part of the "GET" URL. Additional parameters can be sent using "POST" parameters.

Inventory Report


(note here that + in url stands for space)

This report shows the inventory consumed by orders shipped between a date range.

ship_date_s=2012/01/20 => for shipped orders with ship date >= 2012/01/20

ship_date_e=2012/01/31 => for shipped orders with ship date <= 2012/01/31

Example using "curl":
curl -k -o inventory_report.csv -d Subaction='Inventory%20Report' -d ship_date_s='' -d ship_date_e='' "[your teapplix account name]/ea/admin.php?User=xxxx&Passwd=xxxx&Action=Export"

Inventory Current Quantity Report

This provides Teapplix "inventory quantity report". This is the same thing as displayed on Teapplix "Inventory => Current Quantity" page. It lists all SKUs tracked by Teapplix and their quantity.

Example using "curl":

curl -k -o quantity_report.csv -d Subaction='inventory_quantity_report' "[your teapplix account name]/ea/admin.php?User=xxxx&Passwd=xxxx&Action=Export"

Inventory Products

file_ext=csv => Supported file types: csv, xls, xlsx

This exports all the inventory products SKU and details out of Teapplix. You have your choice of csv, xls, xlsx format. Note that due to memory limitations, xls and xlsx format can only support up to about 20,000 records.

Example using "curl":

curl -k -o products.csv -d Subaction='inventory_products' -d file_ext='' "[your teapplix account name]/ea/admin.php?User=xxxx&Passwd=xxxx&Action=Export"