Price Change and Promotions

You can effect a price change by editing the default price on product, and re-upload the product. This is recommended for permanent, across the channel price changes. However, Teapplix ActionShip also has ways to upload price change, or run promotions, on existing listings.

Listing Price Change and Adding Promotions

You can upload a CSV or XLS to trigger price change or run promotions on listings. Follow the instructions on this page.

Manage Existing Promotions

For Walmart, you can go to "Inventory => Current Promotions" to view and terminate existing promotions.

When you are on the page, you will see a list of exiting promotions sorted by date. Promotions with the same start and end date are grouped.

To see the products inside each group, click on the "products" link and it will show all the SKUs in a promotion.

You can terminate the promotion either at the group level, or individual SKU level. Just click on the "terminate" link.