Generic CSV & API

In addition to pre-built order integration to specific sources, Teapplix also supports a “generic” order type.

CSV Import & Export

You can create “generic” orders in Teapplix by using our “Generic CSV Import”. After the order is shipped via Teapplix, you can also generate a “Generic Ship Confirmation CSV”. Teapplix picks out only orders of the “generic” type when generating the generic ship confirmation file.


You can also push orders into Teapplix via an HTTP Post interface. Currently, the following functions are supported:

  1. Sending “generic” type orders into your Teapplix Account
  2. Downloading csv type reports from your Teapplix Account

You can also access Teapplix Generic Ship Confirmation CSV via HTTP Post interface. This way, you can write your own custom integration to link Teapplix to order sources of your own choice.