Mark Orders Shipped

If you ship an order outside of Teapplix, you can use the following "POST" method to upload tracking number and other information to Teapplix to mark the order shipped. Teapplix will then confirm the order shipped back to the channel that the order is originally from.

Notice that when you confirm order as shipped in Teapplix, you should pass "ShipCarrier" value and optionally "ShipMethod" value back to Teapplix. For some channels, proper carrier values are very important. ShipMethod are also important sometimes, for example, the same carrier "UPS", if the ship method is UPS Mail Innovations, it is important to pass it to Teapplix as external marketplaces often treat Mail Innovations as a UPS + USPS mix carrier.

To find out what value to use for ShipCarrier and ShipMethod, use the following documents as a guide

JSON Format: