Checking Confirm Status

Sometimes an Amazon order you shipped isn't marked as shipped on Amazon. To check out the reason why:

  1. In Amazon Seller Central "Orders" => "Upload Order Related Files", there should be an "upload history" section showing status of automatic uploads that Teapplix ActionShip did for you over the last few days
  2. Download upload status file for the date covering your order so you can view the status. If you see "errors" in the processing status, try to understand what caused the error. If you need help interpreting the error message, contact Teapplix support with the file.

If you have orders that are not confirmed after following the above process, you can still manually update the confirm status to Amazon:

  • From ActionShip select “Reports => Shipment Report”.
  • Select the date range, report type, and queue. Then click the “Generate  Ship Confirmation File” button.
  • Login to Amazon Seller Central, click on “ORDERS” tab, “Advanced Features”, then use the “Upload Shipping Confirmation File” section, and upload the file you just saved.