Global Shipping Program

Teapplix supports eBay's Global Shipping Program. If an order is under eBay's Global Shipping Program, the address on the order is the forwarding agent's address, and the reference id for the forwarding is stored in the "company name" field.

In addition, for QuickBooks accounting integration, the "shipping" value is set to 0, as the buyer did not pay you the shipping cost.

eBay + PayPal Mode
There is an important exception under this integration mode. If you do not turn on PayPal Instant Payment Notification to Teapplix, due to PayPal's API limitation, Teapplix will not be able to obtain the forwarding address on the order from PayPal.

So if you use Global Shipping Program, and use eBay + PayPal mode, you must make sure IPN is turned on to Teapplix.