Sears Marketplace

Teapplix ActionShip supports Sears Marketplace via API. We will download orders and upload tracking numbers back to Sears.

Integration Setup

In ActionShip navigate to Integrations => Marketplaces & Carts. Click +Add Marketplaces and select Sears. click Close to close the marketplace options page. Click +Add Sears Account. Enter your Sears Marketplace Login Email,  Secret Key and seller ID.  

You can find your Seller ID by logging into the Sears Seller Portal.

You can regenerate your Secret Key by logging into the Seller Portal,   go to the Account Info page and find API Authorization Key, click on Re-generate New Key.  Once the key is generated, copy it down and save it to ActionShip.

Sears Fees
ActionShip obtains seller fees information on Sears orders. If you import your order to QuickBooks, you can have the fees appear in QuickBooks as a discount.

Sales Taxes
Sales taxes are always set to 0 for Sears orders. Sears collect sales taxes and pay the sales tax themselves. So you do not need to report sales tax on these.

Uploading Tracking
ActionShip will automatically upload tracking numbers back to Sears. However, it is important to understand 2 limitations:

  • Please do not modify the order line items in any way. Do not change the item name and item number. Any change will make it impossible to upload the tracking back to Sears*.
  • The item name (item-id in Sears terminology) is limited to 20 characters (sometimes the limit is 17, so <= 17 is safest currently). Some document in Sears mention that they allow longer, but these longer characters item names can not be confirmed as shipped back on Sears

* If you have to use RMA to split the order, do not modify the original order, only modify the RMAs.